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Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! by AwesomeHeart
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
I took this at a movie theatre in Texas, it was awesome! When the movie was over I saw a lady and her baby begging for money, and I gave thme 20 dollars I felt like it was the best day of my life! Hope you like it, Aussie out!
Squidward Meme by AwesomeHeart
Squidward Meme
Just a meme that I had from a couple months ago but never published.:sweatdrop: revamp v2 I'm sorry that I'm not putting up drawings its just hard to keep up with my ONE request and all my other ideas. Hope you like it or if it makes you laugh! Aussie out!
I'm finally going home!!! See the thing is my family and I moved to Dominica because my mom got a promotion. We've been here for a year now and I was hoping I could go back to The Bahamas early, she said only if my report card grade is high enough I can go back.....AND IT WAS! I'm going back to THE BAHAMAS! XD
I'm  (already) BACK! by AwesomeHeart
I'm (already) BACK!
Name: Aussie (AwesomeHeart)
Age: 13 years
Gender: Tomboy
Nationality: 1/2 Bahamian, 1/2 American
Likes: Anime, Cartoons (and classics), eating, funny videos, singing, dancing, drawing, being uniquely weird, babies and little children, shippings, travelling, taking pictures, sharks, making ocs and writing stories, playing SuperSmashBros, jokes of all kinds (except dirty jokes) and talent shows.
Dislikes: Worms, bugs and other disgusting parasites, vegetables, most candies, loud sounds, people who need to go to the bathroom (more like a fear), racism, fighting, insults, surgery, flesh showing wounds, abuse, beaches, oceans, places without wifi, trolls, people who don't worship God.
Extras: I'm pretty tall for a 13 year old
Most of my deviations will be drawings
I try really hard not to hurt of insult people
I speak at times with my Bahamian dialect, other times I speak like an American
I make clay sculptures

Ask me any other questions, don't be shy I won't bite.... or would I? X)
Heyo, Home fries! I'm back (early)! Yes I know I said July the 7th, but I made a teenee tiny miscalculation.  So
now my exams are over, the struggle and pressure is finally gone! YAAASSS! XD I'm going to post an I'm back picture on July 7th for all my awesomely radical watchers!
Goodbye.....for now. I'm sorry guys, but my exams are really close and I have to buckle down if I wanna pass and get to go to school back home in The Bahamas. You'll hear from me again, only after July 7th. I'll miss you all for the time being, and Stay Awesome! ;)

Curious Smurf- 1st child of Brainy and Clumsy

Blueberry Smurfette- 2nd child of Brainy and Clumsy

Dopey Smurf- 3rd/final child of Brainy and Clumsy

Cookie Smurf- only child Chef and Baker

Artsy Smurfette- 1st child of Painter and Poet

Poettra Smurfette- 2nd child of Painter and Poet

Doodles Smurf & Scribbles Smurf- 3rd/final twin children of Painter and Poet

Hanna Smurfette- 1st child of Handy and Hefty

Heidi Smurfette- 2nd/final child of Handy and Hefty

Arrabella Smurfette- 1st child of Gusty Smurf  

Rose-Mary Smurfette- only child of Farmer and Vanity

Moody Smurfette- only child of Grouchy and Vexy
Smurfetta & Smurfio- twin children of Smurfette 
Wacky Smurf- 1st child of Crazy and Blanco

Valiant Smurf- 2nd/final child of Gutsy Smurf
Bashful Smurf- 2nd/final child of Crazy and Blanco
Fearette Smurfette- only child of Scaredy and Panicky
Snoozette Smurfette- 1st daughter of Lazy Smurf
Hyper Smurf- 2nd/final child of Lazy Smurf
Groove Smurf & Melody Smurfette- twin children of Harmony
Munchy Smurf- only child of Greedy Smurf
Tyke Smurf- only child of Tuffy Smurf
Depressionette/Joy Smurfette- only child of Weepy Smurf (same smurfette with two different sides of personality)
Trickster (Trixie) Smurfette & Prankster Smurf- twin children of Jokey Smurf
Blogette Smurfette- 1st child of Social Smurf
Gamer Smurf- 2nd/final child of Social Smurf
Techna Smurfette- only child of DJ Smurf
Tracey Smurfette- only child of Tracker Smurf
Medic Smurf- only child of Doctor Smurf
Flushia Smurfette- only child of Sickly Smurf
Knitty Smurf- 1st child of Tailor Smurf
Taylor Smurfette- 2nd/final child of Tailor Smurf
Huntress Smurfette- 1st child of Wild and Hunter
Wildette Smurfette- 2nd/final child of Wild and Hunter
Fantasy Smurf- 1st child of Dreamy and Astro
Star Smurfette- 2d/final child of Dreamy and Astro
Snoopy Smurf- only child of Suspicious and Nosy

Mystical Smurfette- only child of Creepie Smurfette and Alchemist Smurf
Zoomer Smurf- only child of Skater
Extreme Smurf- only child of Radicalette
Jewel Smurfette- 1st child of Miner and Prospector
Rocky Smurf- 2nd/final child of Miner and Prospector
Fibby Smurf- 1st child of Liar and Pushover
Honestasia Smurfette- 2nd child of Liar and Pushover
Gullible smurf- 3rd/final child of Liar and Pushover
Zen Smurf- 1st child of Smooth

Jazzy Smurfette- 2nd child of Smooth

Marlin- only son/child of Marina the mermaid

  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Smurfs (tv series)
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: popcorn
  • Drinking: water

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Heeyyyy Aussie! Long time no talk what's up??? :D
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